The Hon. Peter Garrett AM MP has selected Adam to join an advisory group to the Federal Government focusing on "Creative Australia"

He joins others in the group Ms. Sandra Levy, Mr. David Gonski AC, Ms. Elizabeth Ann McGregor, Mr. James Strong AO, Professor David Throsby, Ms. Cathy Hunt, Dr Julian Meyrick, Professor Julianne Schultz and Mr. Marcus Westbury

The Australian's Corrie Perkins wrote: "Arts lawyer and advisory board member Adam Simpson says that no matter what ideas come from Garrett's Creative Australia Advisory Group, they will succeed only with the support of other ministers and departments. "From fine art and opera to video games and architecture ... creativity impacts us all in different ways at every stage of our lives," he says. "Helping make that impact valuable -- socially, culturally and economically -- is not a task that fits neatly into a single government department, nor one that can be implemented by a single minister. Whether enlivening a student's mind with music or impressing trade emissaries with works of art, these are cross-government issues that beg for co-operation and communication.",25197,25073106-16947,00.html