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ABC's 7:30 (original air dated 10/05/2018)[/caption] Director Jules Munro was featured in the Australian Broadcast Corporations recent television broadcast of it's flagship current affairs program 7:30, the interview was in connection with Simpsons work in securing underlying copyrights to enable one of Australia’s most respected Jazz musicians, Judy Bailey, license samples of her 1976 recordings to the Grammy-nominated rapper, Rick Ross. Jules Munro advised Judy after she was contacted by international artist Rick Ross regarding a musical sample of Judy's song Colours of My Dream. Judy's song was accessed via Youtube and sampled a musical motif in Rick Ross's song Santorini Greece. To access a recording of the program please click here Jules Munro can be viewed at 24:50 Screen capture used taken from ABC's program 7:30 Report aired on May 10th 2018 (accessed by iView on May 21 2018)