Visual Arts & Design

Simpsons was the first firm in Australia to provide specialist advice to those involved in the visual arts, crafts, and design fields, and remains the leading practice. We regularly assist artists, designers and organisations with the protection of their intellectual property, their commercial arrangements, and dispute resolution.

Service Areas & Representative Work

  • Negotiating and drafting agreements for the sale, commissioning and licensing of artworks of all kinds (including for commercial purposes).
  • Advising on intellectual property protection, business structures, sponsorship and merchandising.
  • Representing designers and artists dealing with counterfeits and knock-offs in the marketplace.
  • Advising on gallery representation agreements.
  • Representing photographers, artists and sculptors whose copyright has been infringed.
  • Advising on protection of rights where there are issues relating to design/copyright overlap.
  • Advising on design protection and enforcement.

A team of subject-matter experts with a deep understanding of the legal and commercial issues facing painters, sculptors, photographers, printmakers, ceramists, video artists, producers, designers, public museums, commercial galleries and industry organisations. Ian McDonald leads Simpsons' work in Visual Arts, while Michelle Eadie leads Simpsons' work in Design.