The Book Industry Strategy Group (BISG) has released an analysis of the Australian book industry – Market Analysis Research Report

Referred to as “the primary research project” for the BISG, the report was prepared by PwC Australia earlier this year at the request of the Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research (DIISR), which is acting in an advisory capacity to the BISG

The object of the analysis was to provide the BISG with “a foundation of evidence” about: the current and historic performance of the Australian book industry, and expectations about its future potential; the competitiveness of the book industry supply chain (taking into account factors such as online retailing); how traditional business models have changed and are changing in the new digital environment

The analysis also compares the competitiveness of the Australian book industry with parallel industries in other major English speaking markets

The report states that it is primarily informed by a comprehensive review of publicly available and confidential data, though it also draws on the findings of a consumer survey of 1,000 Australians, commissioned specifically for the study

The report – together with information about the BISG – is available at: For legal advice on issues relevant to the BISG – including issues relating to the parallel importation of books and the licensing of books in the digital environment – contact copyright lawyers Adam Simpson and Ian McDonald at Simpsons Solicitors.