As required by the New York court, the parties to the Google Book Copyright Action have sent out a Supplemental Notice summarising the proposed amendments to the originally proposed settlement agreement. (We reported those proposed amendments in our earlier news item dated 26 November 2009.) The Supplemental Notice is here, and should be read in conjunction with the original notice which is here

The Supplemental Notice deals with proposed amendments concerning (amongst other things):

  • the narrowing of the class of books and inserts, and consequently authors and publishers, to which the settlement would relate
  • dispute resolution procedures
  • pricing procedures and permitted uses of digitised books
  • deadlines for opting out or opting back into the settlement.

Click here to view our earlier executive summary of the amendments that have been made to the originally-proposed settlement agreement.

Click here to view a flow chart showing the current settlement timeline

Click here to view a flow chart showing what you need to do currently if you want to participate in the settlement, or want to opt out of the settlement

Click here to view a flow chart showing what Google can do with your books if the settlement proceeds as currently proposed.