A Competition Policy Review has been announced which will include a review of parallel importation restrictions and international price discrimination. For copyright owners such as publishers, this part of the Review looks distinctly like a re-run of the House of Representatives IT pricing review, chaired by Ed Husic, which tabled its report in the Federal Parliament on these exact issues on 29 July 2013

See the following for a summary of the findings of House of Representatives review: http://www.simpsons.com.au/how-much-is-that-download-for-my-windows/ See the following for information on the new review: http://competitionpolicyreview.gov.au/ The full Terms of Reference and an Issues Paper are available on the site – and note that submissions are due by 10 June 2014

If you made a submission to the House of Representatives review, you should consider making a submission to the Competition Review Panel as well – perhaps by tweaking your earlier submission (bearing in mind that we now have a different government and a different review body which needs to be educated as to how parallel importation restrictions and international price discrimination affect you and/or why they are important to your business)

If you have any questions on the review – including if you want advice or assistance in preparing a submission – contact copyright lawyer Adam Simpson or Ian McDonald, Special Counsel, Copyright at Simpsons Solicitors.