The Internet Industry Association (IIA) has announced its intention to immediately begin developing an industry code of practice for internet intermediaries

The announcement to fastrack the development of a code comes after the recent Full Federal Court appeal decision in Roadshow Films Pty Limited v iiNet Limited which found in favour of ISP iiNet, but left the door open on the question of copyright and ISP responsibility

An IIA press release quotes chief executive Peter Coroneos stating that “The iiNet case has provided us with welcome guidance on where responsibilities should begin and end, but falls short in defining reasonable steps intermediaries should take in responding to allegations of infringement by their users. The Code will address this gap." The IIA has stated that it also intends to pursue reform to the Copyright Act that will expand the current application of the safe harbour provisions beyond ISPs to include a wider range of other intermediaries such as search providers, social media platforms, hosting companies and universities

To read the IIA press release click here. For more information about this announcement, please see: For inquiries relating to copyright law please contact Adam Simpson.