Stating that there was “just too much to digest”, Judge Denny Chin, of the Federal District Court for the Southern District of New York, has delayed his ruling on the fairness of the proposed settlement between Google, authors and publishers

Opponents of the deal, which arose out of a lawsuit against Google in 2005, include Amazon and Microsoft. They claim that it would give Google an unfair monopoly over online sales and be detrimental to the interests of many publishers and authors. Those in favour of the deal contend that it would make available many hard-to-find books to a wide audience and, amongst other things, would bring to an end this major piece of litigation with its associated risks and costs for both sides

This case is one of the largest copyright cases in legal history. Simpsons is acting for the two Australian publishers involved in the proceedings

More information can be found here: New York Times 19 February 2010